God is Trustworthy, Part 1: A Woman Who Walked Wisely

I don’t remember her name.  I don’t even remember her face.  But, I will never forget what she said.

I was twenty and full of energy and eager anticipation of what my life would be.  She was probably in her late eighties.  Weak.  Alone.  By all appearances–finished.

I met her many years ago when I visited Exeter, England with a small group of students from my college.  We had traveled to England to assist a few churches with evangelism, church services, vacation bible schools, and whatever else may have been needed.  On one Sunday after the evening service, a very small church hosted a time of fellowship in the church basement for us to visit with their members.  After going through the sparsely populated line to fill my plate and teacup, I turned and noticed a frail, elderly woman, with her cane in hand, sitting alone against a wall.  I pulled up a chair to visit and sip our tea together.

As I asked a few polite questions, with a feeble voice and dim eyes she began to tell about her life.  She was a long-time Christ follower and member of her church.  Exeter, England was the only home she had ever known.  It contained the history of her life, her parents’ life, and generations before them.  Her years had been blessed with many siblings and friends, a husband, and children.  But, what drew me to her story was her explanation of her now.  Now she was alone.  Now, she was the only one left living.  Now, even her children had passed on.  Now, her cup of contribution and influence on the world had dwindled to the last few drops.  Her now was sad, and the pain etched on her spirit was evident in her eyes.  Although I do not remember the details of her story, what happened next in our conversation will forever be indelibly etched on my spirit.

Suddenly, she looked up from her teacup, and an “aliveness” flashed in her eyes that I had not yet seen.  A smile that captured her once-known youthfulness quickly crossed her face.  She raised her arthritic hand and with a gnarled finger emphasizing each word said, “But, HE hasn’t failed me yet.  HE HASN’T FAILED ME YET!”

Hmm.  Whenever I tell this story, this is when I always just have to stop.  Swallow the lump in my throat.  Think.  Learn.

“I have been young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken.”  (Psalm 37:25)

God is trustworthy.  He always has been, and He always will be.  He is worthy of our trust.  What an understatement.

When is He trustworthy?  Is He trustworthy in my situation?  How is God trustworthy? How can I know He really is?  How am I to respond to a trustworthy God?  What does trusting God look like in my every day life?  These are important questions, not impossible ones.  Over the next few weeks I will be exploring and sharing the answers from God’s Word–sharing with you and reminding myself of the Truth.  Join me as we become Women Walking Wisely.

6 thoughts on “God is Trustworthy, Part 1: A Woman Who Walked Wisely

  1. I am excited about keeping up with your blog! Thanks for the link! Looks like great stuff you’re writing here. I appreciate your efforts to encourage women in the faith! Loved the Christmas pictures you sent…wow, your kids are growing up fast! Blessings on your day.


    1. Kimberly,
      I know you have been through a lot this past month. I pray that the Lord will give you strength and healing . . .


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